Saturday, August 29, 2009

NARRATIVE: Letterform Storyboards & Renderings

As I began my study with perspective with this particular activity, I took the safe route of working with a first person point-of-view; however, as I was completing the first person P.O.V storyboard I decided I needed to challenge myself with the next storyboard. So, for the second one I chose the P.O.V of the paper or perhaps the desk or underlying material under that paper where the creation of the letterform is taking place.
This is the letterform I created for this exercise, and to better determine the amount of time lapse between frames I took photographs of the entire letter rendering process. 
Storyboards (10 frames):
First person P.O.V (above)
Third Person P.O.V; surface underneath the paper (above)
Photographic version of the first person P.O.V (above)

This storyboard proved to be much more dynamic than the first, and is expressed even more in the renderings following.

First person P.O.V Renderings:

After creating the storyboards I proceeded on to the action renderings; for both first and third person on these, I decided to work with the idea of gestalt to create a more dynamic image much like my storyboard presented in the third person. The three media I used for these were: ink pen, pencil, and marker. After reviewing the three media, I feel the marker renderings best display the personality and characteristics of the activity. The transparent, water color like nature of the markers give the rendering texture and really express the hand-craft that is evident when creating a letterform. I would like to explore more colors to better differentiate the lines and fills on the "paper" and the image of my hand and face. I am going to look for other types of media as I push my idea for class on Wednesday.

First person P.O.V: pencil / marker (above)
top: Third person P.O.V: marker
bottom: First person P.O.V: ink pen (above)
Third person P.O.V: ink pen / pencil (above)

After critiquing and talking about certain issues with out actions in class Friday (8/28), I am going to further explore how this progression can tell a story, work on time lapse between frames, tighten up my imagery, and find the most appealing, dynamic, and interesting way to display my activity.

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