Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Stephen Fry & the Gutenberg

To think that our industry and the world for that matter was shaped around the creation of one man, Johannes Gutenberg, is truly astonishing. The idea that movable type and the basic idea of books we read everyday was developed over 500 years ago is unfathomable. One fact that I did not know from the works of Gutenberg is where the word "font" was derived from, I never would have guessed "fonts" as we know them today came from the churches of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in which they had baptism "fonts". The repetitive nature of the Gutenberg press really puts in to perspective how far we have really come, from placing type character by character to now pressing a key. Gutenberg paved the way for our industry with an idea that had to be way ahead of his time. The fact that he printed the Gutenberg Bible page by page which then was decorated by hand page by page, really puts in to perspective how much we take for granted and also the innovation Gutenberg put forth.

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