Monday, August 31, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: F+S Rhetorical Trope

-Parody, this advertisement is an imitation of a propaganda poster for the Soviet Union.
-A metaphor is also present, comparing the M&M Election to the election/campaign to that of a Soviet Union propaganda poster; two distant ideas.
-A verbal pun is in the works here as well, the play on the word "Revolution" that is changed to "Redolution"
-It also demonstrates personification; the M&M and its human features and characteristics.

*Work of Jefton Sungkar ( [below]
 This series of three is a campaign for helping the homeless. It demonstrates several rhetorical tropes one of which is a verbal pun/synecdoche, being their slogan for the campaign; "Lend an Hand". It is a play on the word hand, in this case meaning a helping hand; it also shows a part standing in for the whole.
It also shows allegory as well, a symbol; the hand, stands in for a stronger social/moral meaning which is a call for action to society for a helping hand; to give help to the homeless.
This magazine spread shows the rhetorical tropes of personification, as well as a visual/verbal pun.
The personification is evident in the negative space in the body copy, the "text wrap" represents the silhouette or outline of a fish.
The visual/verbal pun is being shown between the article title and the imagery in the negative space of the body copy. The title of the article reinforces the personification, and the fact that there are outlines and the fish are not actually there, as in they have disappeared.

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