Thursday, August 27, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Jazz Reseach; Ken Peplowski

I began my research for this project by establishing the context of the poster, and the audience. I then moved to researching the artist I am going to represent; Ken Peplowski, breaking it down to the pure essence of what he does and who he is. I then worked my way to discovering the history and mission of the Folly Theater.

Since this performance is the celebration of Benny Goodman's 100th birthday, I decided to get a brief history on him and what makes him such a well known and inspiring figure in the music community. Also, Benny Goodman was claimed the "King of Swing" so I also did some searching through the swing era. I also looked into discography, jazz festival posters and ads, promotions, and concerts.

I also began to see what jazz, in general, is all about. It has origins in New Orleans during the 20th century, it is described as propulsive rhythms, virtuosic solos, melodic freedom, and ensemble playing. As I continue my research I am going to attempt to establish these characteristics in my design.


-Ken Peplowski has a very unique sound to him that is very fluid and smooth.
-His music has a wide range, from a soft and sensual tone to a upbeat swing style tone.
-His notes are very stylistic and full of character and he has definitely innovated the jazz genre.
-Peplowski has a vary wide pitch range that give his music that strong character and makes it feel alive with pure energy.
-In other reviews it is said that Ken is very well known for bringing together the old style of jazz with the new.

 -My inspiration for textures has not only come from the imagery I have collected but also the style of Peplowski's music as well as jazz in general.
-Due to the fluid and smooth nature of the music I am researching and working with the use of fluid, smooth lines and curves and how the can be used as directionals and possibly develop a form/counter-form interaction.

-From my inspiration I am thinking along the lines of a soothing, yet expressive color combination and I will do so by exploring color discords and also by sampling my inspirational images. I would really like to go tertiary with these colors as well and find a very unique color scheme that would further express the uniqueness of the music Peplowski puts fourth.
-As I further my research I will look more into typefaces as I will have a better idea of how I want the to interact. But I am considering a limited use of some sort of smooth script-like type that will work nicely with a san-serif, light type. The formal, more pertinent information I would like to see in a serif type.

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