Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Jazz Poster; Matrix & Concept Progress

I began my conceptualization and search for potential rhetorical tropes with a mind map of Ken Peplowski and the key words associated to him and his performance.
Below is the matrix from my mindmap that is broken down into the 10 rhetorical tropes as well as the ideas classification as an icon, symbol, index, signified, and signifier.
Getting started; another mindmap of keywords (above)
Progress as of 3:30am on Monday 8/31 (above)
Continued progress through studio Monday (above)
I will continue to update through out the week and post a final matrix by class on Friday afternoon.

Thursday, 9/3/2009 UPDATE:

Below is the final matrix (thus far) for class critique tomorrow; Friday. I am started to get a very good understand of each of the tropes, the imagery involved, as well as the distinguishing factors between icons and symbols, index, signifier, and signified. The only trope missing a concept is Antithesis, I will continue to work on that and have at least one concept for class tomorrow.

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