Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NARRATIVE: Letterform Storyboards & Renderings, Round 2

Well, here  are my storyboards and rendering for our second round...I took a bit of a different approach for both storyboards this time around. I chose an entirely different point of view for one of them simply because I felt it was more interactive and told more of a story. I decided this time to involve templates, as well as an indication of a person that would show an actual story versus more of a step by step action.

In the second storyboard that is the P.O.V of the desk or below the surface of the paper, I especially like that layering that is occurring and I plan to experiment with the transparent templates used to create the letterform in hopes that it will not get to complicated.

I went with markers and colored pencils as the media for the renderings this time. I explored more color with the markers this time and I am still drawn to the texture they create as well as the "hand-crafted" element they bring to the piece.

The next step is 20 frames for each P.O.V and I will look to add more detail as well as a smaller progression between each frame since my activity is somewhat complex and requires a lot of steps.

Third-person P.O.V [new approach] (above)
 P.O.V of desk / surface underneath (above)
Rendering third-person; marker / colored pencil (above)
Rendering desk/underneath; marker / colored pencil (above)

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