Friday, September 25, 2009

NARRATIVE: Project 2: Kenetic Type; Initial Progress

Below is the brainstorm/word-list I came up with for the nouns that applied to my animation sequence in project 1, they are also expanded with actions (verbs).

My final 2 nouns were: "Hand" and "Sharpie Marker"

My final 3 verbs were: Create, Sketch, Outline (for Hand), and Ink, Render, Trace (for Sharpie Marker)

After developing initial thumbs (posted in my previous blog) I selected one noun (Sharpie Marker) and came up with 5 more ideas for each action (verb) as well as 5 frame storyboards for each thumbnail.

"Ink" Thumbs/Storyboards:

Thumbnails for "Ink" (above)

top: Ink spill; bottom: Ink fill (above)

top: Ink fill (process); bottom: Ink formed letters(above)

top: Ink marker strokes; bottom: Ink drops (above)

top: Hand-written strokes; bottom: Ink spill II (above)

top: "Ink" filled letters; bottom: Ink lines (above)

"Render" Thumbs/Storyboards:
Thumbnails for "Render" (above)

top: Thick marker stroke reveal; bottom: Rough line work (above)

top: Markers spelling "render"; bottom: Render process (above) 

top: Broad marker strokes; bottom: Line by line rendering (above) 

top: Thick strokes-cropped; bottom: 3-D rendering (above) 

top: Line fill; bottom: Cross hatch (above) 

"Trace" Thumbs/Storyboards:

Thumbnails for "Trace" (above)

 top: Stencil; bottom: Tracing paper (above)

top: Trace outline; bottom: Light table (above) 

top: Illuminated (light table); bottom: Literal trace/outline (above)

top: Trace block letters; bottom: Tracing paper overlays(above) 

top: Tracing paper overlays II; bottom: "Tracing" footprints (above) 

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