Friday, September 25, 2009

NARRATIVE: Project 2; Kenetic Type, Noun/Verb & POV Animation

Here are my 3 storyboards that combine each of my 3 verbs with my POV animation frames from project 1. I realized after completion of this phase of the project that we were to integrate all 3 verbs in to each storyboard, so I am planning on revising those and posting my progress and I work towards a final idea for animating my very and POV as one.

Marker/Render (above)

Marker/Trace (above)

Marker/Ink (above)

Tyler and I spoke during class and decided that there needs to be more distinction between my verbs ink and render. We came to the conclusion that render is a preliminary/rough sketch and ink is more of a final, cleaner touch. So one possibility for my revised storyboards is the idea of integrating all three verbs together into once continuous animation that would start out with the letters being rendered, then traced or outline, and then being inked or filled. More progress to come...

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