Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Package Design; Samsung Reclaim

So, I got this phone a couple weeks ago, and to be honest, part of the reason I chose it was because of the packaging. Samsung is making an environmental statement with this product not only being made of "eco-friendly" plastic but the box itself is recycled cardboard with soy ink print. I felt the package design really exemplifies their stand of going "green", there is a earthy, unique feel to the box and its printed materials, it feels completely natural as if it were not even made from a printing press. Also, the natural color of the cardboard with the overprint as well as the basic construction of the box really make this design successful. The design is doing more, with less. I was fascinated by it so I thought I would share and maybe you will be too. Enjoy!


  1. if i had waited another month I could have actually gotten the green reclaim but instead i got the rant.....:( but yeah their new idea of going green, I love it.

  2. cool box luke. i like it, or should i say "i luke it"?