Friday, September 4, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: The Mailer Concept; Frutiger

So after many trials and a lot or research on the various aspects of my font family, I have arrived at a concept! I began my conceptualization around the history and origin of the typeface, Frutiger. Adrian Frutiger's goal was to created a highly legible, clean, modern, rational, and organic typeface. It was first commissioned by the Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris, so my first outlet was to develop a theme dealing with it's origin; an innovation in signage. Mike and I found that the concepts that went along with that were trite and over used. So I dug even deeper into the history, and while gather information about the requirements for this project, I stumbled upon what I have now, and if it were a snake it would have bit me...

Adrian Frutiger as well as his typeface, Frutiger are both products of Switzerland, my mock-up image will explain the rest. (FYI: the mock-up is just to get the basic idea, type will be strategically laid in as well as the adjustment in colors and effects will be made as I progress)

The Swiss Cross is made up of buzz words set in various Frutiger typefaces that represent the typeface and its history (above) 

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