Sunday, September 6, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: The Mailer Concept; Frutiger (PROGRESS)

My progress so far...

This is my concept/idea for the inside double panel; I explored the idea of photographing the type to further stress the function of the typeface, Frutiger, that it is legible at various angles, sizes, and distances. I used the bottom of the display to show the success of the typeface and its "Fortune to Fame," displaying the commissions that put Frutiger on the map and were key it its success as well as several high profile corporate identities (mainly Europe and Canada).

Below is my progress for the four panel spread, still working on incorporating all the elements but it is coming along very nicely. The color scheme is in the developing process and still needs to be worked out; I am considering a tertiary scheme with harmonious, casual colors.

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