Friday, September 11, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Jazz Poster Concepts; Ken Peplowski

After reviewing my options, I narrowed down my six potential concepts to three. The rhetorical tropes I used were: metaphor, personification, and synecdoche. I have also added the final progression of my progress that I posted yesterday afternoon. I am awaiting a group critique on my concepts as well as to see the ideas of others in my group. I will make an updated post with feedback from the critique as well as what concept I decide to push forward to the final design stages.

The idea here was to represent improvisation with sheet music that has been marked up or torn out from other musical scores. Improv. is unique and carries its own personality, that is what I am trying to establish here; it is the out of the ordinary. The bottom three are pushes from the initial two, creating more dimension and further establishes my point of uniqueness. (above)

After doing heavy research of Jazz, improv., and Ken Peplowski I discovered that his music as well as improvisation have a very smooth, fluid flow with a strong personality. The music comes to life, and that is what I am attempting to portray here. The flowing organics lines represent the sound, melody, or harmony of Ken Peplowski and these lines come to life by personifying human figures. Ken Peplowski, being a large icon in Swing music, I chose a dancing couple in my first concept. Since this performance is a tribute for Benny Goodman, I experimented in the next two comps. with a portrait of Goodman. I also tried to explore iconic words that pertain to Peplowski, Goodman, and The Folly. (above)
Jazz and improv. within jazz music are ever changing and I chose to bring that message across through the idea of evolution. I began by researching the history of the clarinet and came across information and images that showed the evolution of the clarinet itself. I have also arrive at the idea to show the evolution from old to new (Benny Goodman to Ken Peplowski) by contrast in color and texture; with this the common binder would be the clarinet and improv. (above)

First Round Concept Roughs/Development:

After feedback from critique I have chosen (at this point) to go with the sheet music improvisation concept, building sheet music with torn pieces to build texture and dimension. It is the most clear and concise of my concepts and should work effectively as a "snap judgment" drive-by poster as well as an up-close informative poster. I will update on my design progress soon...

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