Friday, September 18, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Jazz Poster; Poster Design for Final Crit

Below is my pushed design for our final crit. My goal with this pushed design was to make the typography secondary and let the image drive the poster without making the typographic elements look simply typed in. I limited my typography to 2 typefaces with varying weight, and worked with integrating the type elements with each other as well as with the design as a whole. I also took advantage of the lines and directionals created by the image and repeated those in my "Ken Peplowski" type design. I am planning on re-working the color scheme as well before doing the final print, but it shouldn't vary much from the colors present in the photograph; I am planning on working with minimal color and pulling them from the image used on the poster.

I will post an update after crit with feedback/suggestions and my final design that will go to the plotter.

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