Thursday, October 8, 2009

NARRATIVE: Project 2; Kenetic Type, Flash Animation Progress w/ Trial & Error

Below is my slow but steady progress for my typographic animation in Flash. It has definitely been a learning process as this is my first project in Flash, but it has gone well for the most part even with the numerous speed bumps I hit along the way.

Progress draft of working animation:

So I may not have found the most efficient way to create my animation but it works and I am pleased with the outcome. Basically I have numerous motion tweens and fade-ins for the rendering lines and key-frames make up the outlining lines. It proved to be a very time consuming process but it worked for what I had envisioned, the next step is to fill the type in my animation.

Trial & Error #1:

With my first attempted I used motion tweens to bring my rendering lines in to view. From there I experimented with the pen tool in Flash and attempted to use a shape tween to show the progression of the line as if it were being drawn. The shape tween proved unsuccessful as instead of the animation following the lines I drew, it warped and moved my lines that ultimately ending up where I placed them in the end; cool effect but not what I was looking for. (above)

 Trial & Error #2

  From the first trial, I was pretty happy with my motion tweens and fade-ins for the rendering lines, but I decided to take another approach with my tracing/outline lines. I brought in my Illustrator type to the library, turned it in to a symbol, I believe, and attempted to work with masking. This proved unsuccessful because of the complexity and movement of the "moving" lines I wanted to create.

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