Thursday, October 22, 2009

NARRATIVE: Project 3, Sound; Interface Design/Interaction Sketches

These are my rough sketch ideas for my interface design that will include my sound elements as well as elements from previous projects; images, animations, kinetic type, etc. My approach for these ideas was very theme driven, taking the essence of my activity and trying to portray that in a simple, easily navigational way. The idea I have behind these sketches may contain images or photography, but I am mainly thinking of silhouetted shapes and layered color so that it does not distract the viewer from the main objective of creating their own story with my activity's elements. This is definitely a new element of design for me and I hope that I can portray what I see in my head as a physical project, only time will tell! Enjoy!

Construction: Playing on the idea of "building" letter forms using the equipment as containers for content (above)

Construction II: Developing with the idea of cranes suspending the boxes that will contain the content as well as metal framed buildings (above)

Drafting/Rendering Lines: An abstract/cropped view of rending lines that make up the skeleton of a letter from; here they are used to frame the content (above)

Tracing Paper: A transparent, "frost" overlay of the content that when activated will become sharp and in focus (above)

Tracing Paper II: Individual pieces of tracing paper that will also sharpen/crop or page curl when activated (above)

Stencils: Using form stencils to contain my content in a abstract way, and when activated they will enlarge to the whole view of the content (above)

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