Thursday, October 22, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Project 3; Essay & Plate Spread Progress

This is some progress I have been making with my essay and plate spreads for Russel Wright's Good Design is for Everyone. I have made some adjustments to my essay spreads based on group feedback on Monday and the plate spreads are a work in progress, but they are some basic ideas for now. For the plates I am working off a similar grid structure as for my essay spreads. Enjoy!

"Drop Cap" (above/below)

Also, here is some of my inspiration for this project as far as grid structure goes...


I also thought this was a VERY effective grid, thought it was pretty sweet and I may just do the same in my garage someday....In all seriousness it is a very cool project; they are moving/storage boxes that have punch outs so you can "write" on them or make a message with multiple!

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