Friday, October 9, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 2; Design Directions Critique, In Class Progress

In class today we has a full-class critique with Chris Chapin on our design directions for our modes of appeal. Below are some key notes and feedback made by Chris as well as the rest of the class.

The class felt the modes of appeal were clear in my renderings and, for the most part, are successful. We discovered that through the display on the "vast" ocean in my composition that takes up about two-thirds of the design, that these could very easily be a complimenting pair of works. With a common two-thirds ocean, and the variable is the top third, whether it is relating to the amenities of this cruise liner or the childhood, bathtub theme. Going hand in hand with the above statement, my exaggeration of scale in my designs further solidifies the modes of appeal I am portraying and we saw that as definitely working in my favor.

It was also brought up to possibly explore a horizontal composition that would reflect the length of the cruise liner and would increase the area to work with scale, it would also reference my original poster by Cassandre whose vertical, rectanguar cruise liner reflected the edges of the poster. There is also the minor issue of re-thinking the cruise liner I illustrated, it is iconic of Carnival Cruise, unless I decide to affiliate my design with the company.

For my "City on the Sea" (logos) designs comments were made that my most successful ones were the nightlife composition as well as the composition of the cruise liner reflected as a cityscape. In regards to the nightlife design it was clear I need to further get across the point that this is a party in the middle of the ocean and you (the viewer) are observing at a distance and missing out on this extravagant party. They also suggested taking it to another level and add confetti, fireworks, etc. Feedback for the reflected cityscape was the compliment of the reflection fulfilling the composition and not leaving any empty, stagnant space.

For the bathtub compositions the most liked ones we of the cruise liner in the bathtub, and the childish illustration of the clouds proved to be a beneficial addition. We did discuss the matter of increasing the scale of the cruise liner so it is more easily seen. As far as the "Worlds Largest Bathtub" composition, it came across as a "child at sea" (overboard) due to the lone rubber ducky. My intent with this design was to correlate the idea of the ocean being a large bathtub with the iconic figure of a small rubber ducky in the vast ocean. I think if I were to re-work it the right way it may send a clearer, more precise message.

That concludes the crit of my work, it was an AWESOME full-class critique and it was really nice to get the entire class in on your work. Chris was a pleasure to work with and I hope we can work things out with him more often.

Weekend progress coming soon...

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