Sunday, October 18, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 2; Design Proposals

Below are my design proposals for the Atlantic Cruise Lines poster, "City on the Sea." In working towards my proposals I re-worked various things compositionally. I started with the ship/cityscape in making it appear more as a cruise ship versus an island or just floating buildings, in doing so I made note of the shape of a typical cruise ship and tried to mimic that as I created my cityscape. Also, the diagrammatic descriptions appeared very scatters and haphazardly placed before, so I worked with a grid system to organize them and establish organization and clarity. In doing so I also had to work with balance due to the fact that some of the descriptions are lighter or heavier than the others. Also, bleeding the watercolor ocean to the edges of the design made a significant difference in overall appearance and impact. I also worked in many different directions with the hierarchy and typography of my main message, as well as, integrating the bar of text with the subordinate, supplemental text. I worked very closely with color in this area of the design as well; many of my color choices vibrated too much with the blue background of the ocean. For some of my original proposals I had the bar the same color as the background cityscape but it proved to vibrate too much with the blue, so the result was the darker value red present in these proposals. While doing so I began pulling colors from the cityscape, which I also incorporated in the other aspects of the design. From these proposals and feedback from critique I will determine my final design. Enjoy!


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