Thursday, October 22, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 2; Final Design & Statement "City on the Sea"


This is my final design for our re-design project using modes of appeal. I chose to re-design A.M. Cassandre's L'Atlantique Ocean Liner poster (1931) in a contemporary setting; his original poster has an ethical appeal; through the visual exaggeration of scale of the ocean liner in comparison to the tug boat exemplifies the building of character and trust with the viewer. The grand image of the ocean liner also shows authority and further represents the monolithic qualities (solid/unbroken hull) and is seen as strong, safe, and reliable.

The re-design is a logical appeal (logos) due to its diagrammatic nature displaying the amenities the Atlantic Cruse Lines have to offer and with that I played off of the idea of a "City on the Sea" to further exaggerate the point. I feel that it is very successful and the mixture of image-making with watercolor and vector illustration further strengthen the design and work together harmoniously.

Throughout my image making process I tried to explore mediums that would strengthen the idea of relaxation and "loose" nature of a cruise vacation. Through that process I arrive at watercolor because of it loose, expressive nature, not to mention the fact that it is water-based and its "water" characteristics. The strong strokes and color differences in the watercolor make it very effective not to mention the fact that the raw watercolor makes up the waterline where the ocean and cruise ship meet.

I am very happy with the finished product and it all seemed to fall into place very well, and I feel that it is an effective piece. It also adds more depth and dimension not only to me as a designer but also to my portfolio because of the exploration and use of image-making and combining that with digital production. Its adds a very fresh and pleasing element to the design that makes it very appealing.

I will also add photos of final critique as soon as I get them..

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