Friday, October 30, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Postcard 1 & 2 Response/Feedback

I want to first reflect on the communications based on the first postcard and how certain things were portrayed and interpreted correctly while others were not. In creating the first postcard my objective was to focus more on the portrayal of a glass jug, its characteristics, and its prospective purpose. In which I did not limit myself solely to the portrayal of a glass jug in relation to beer brewing and your brand description. Also, with the lighting, my goal was to give a dark feeling to the image, but in relation to the idea of bootlegging, illegal activity, etc. You [Josh] are correct in the interpretation of the jug as "poison" as I was leaning more towards the idea of alcohol and "moonshine" that had that edge or kick to it. I also thought of the jug as being a storage container in transporting and dispensing from. With that, knowledge and context play a very important role in this communication; I have less knowledge about the fermentation process, as does the average audience, so these image based communications will need more context to relate to the subject matter. We do all have our biases and opinions as well, so the interpretation of our communications can always be misconstrued and I feel that is partially what happened in this instance.

Your [Josh] interpretation of my image from postcard one was rather hit and miss in comparison to the way I had hoped it would be interpreted. My intentions were to portray the rebel, bootlegger, rustic, and robust characteristics that I associated with the glass jug. As well as the basic aesthetics of the job and its unfamiliarity (as far as use) in today's contemporary society, so I intended to imagine this glass jug as hand-made, dated, and outlawed. I also focused on what might be housed in the glass jug and I mentioned before the idea of bootlegging and moonshine often came to mind. The idea that was not picked up entirely what that of rustic, and hand-made, portrayed with the vintage, grunge treatment to the image as as whole.

In relation to postcard 2, I found myself lost at first, and felt that it was ineffective as I gained no more emotion as I did when producing the first image. There is no context to even begin to figure out what the addition to the image is, it simply looks like a shape protruding out of the top of the jug. However, I can see it being iconic for something but still do not know what that is without it being refined. Again, the failure of this communication is because of knowledge base, you [Josh] know a LOT more about fermentation and the process of brewing beer than I do, so I took the liberty of doing some research of my own. From my best guess, and from its mention in my first card feedback, it is an airlock used during the fermentation process which allows carbon dioxide to be released but does not let air in. It makes sense now, but from first glance I had no idea what it was other than just something added to the image without a purpose, and not conveyed very well. One of my concerns is how this would relate to the average person with the same knowledge level of beer brewing as I? I do understand this is not a finished project but it would be something to take into consideration and push it towards a more iconic interpretation. However, someone interested in this brand may be an avid brewer themselves...Knowledge and opinion hindered our communications but may prove to be more effective later in the project.

So in our initial communication context and knowledge is where it suffered and therefore made it somewhat unsuccessful. In our communication there was a semantic level of noise in respect to cultural as well as social background and knowledge of beer brewing and fermentation. It ultimately lead to the partial failure of out initial communication, but could possibly prove to beneficial in the long run of this project. However, I do feel that the photographic representation was successful, as it is very iconic of a glass jug and it highly recognizable as being dated, rustic, and robust, but that failed to be interpreted by the receiver. There is definitely a lot to be learned from this initial process that pertains to communication and the interpretation and knowledge of the sender and receiver and how that can hinder the message being portrayed. These communication errors were also evident in the second postcard, and in this case, superior knowledge of the sender led to a misinterpretation or no interpretation at all rather from the receiver.

Josh Laston- postcard 2 (above)

postcard 1 (above)

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  1. Good afternoon.

    My decisions on my postcard was a very simple one. I made it make sense to me. As I said before, I am a brewer. I can understand your confusion about the additions that i made in taking the next step, but In my own mind it made sense to me. I am glad you did a bit of research about it, because without the background that I have, an airlock is just a hat to the jug.