Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Postcard Progress

Well, I bought a glass jug and took some photos of it and ended up picking out about a dozen or so of the strongest images. I took photos from several different perspectives and tried to portray the key features of the glass jug that made it distinguishable. I was going for the idea of vintage, dated, rustic, and robust with my images. I won't go into too much depth since we are communicating with the other class, but I hope my images communicate what I had in mind while producing them.


  1. The Last little grouping:

    You have some really nice images. It's hard to choose. Four over on the top row (above view, horizontal, white background) is especially nice. It has sort of a "come hither" look to it. it almost looks poisonous. I get more of a negative feel from it.

    The bottom row, four over, red background is also nice. It also looks sort of ominous but it also has an aged quality to it. Old evil.

    Aaaand the first one on the bottom row is my third favorite. It also speaks to aged qualities, maybe not so scary though.

    Boy I really hope your going for a negative perspective. Aged and deadly is all I keep seeing.

    I really, really hope this helps you out. Good luck.

  2. gezzz buddy where do you find that? i wish i had an actual glass jug....and i would have taken a different approach but I really like the 3rd grouping and the fifth image grouping

  3. OK i like the bottom row third and forth one over but mainly the forth one over