Monday, November 30, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Progress, Progress, Progress...

I have made quite a bit of progress over break but there are still some things I am in need of working out and have not arrived at the right solution with just yet. But here is a look at what I have done.

I worked with a lot of different accent colors in search of one that works well with the black and white scheme of my booklet. I was looking for colors that provided contrast to the black and white but also complimented it as well. I arrived at a cyan-like blue that gives great contrast but works in harmony with the black and white. (above)

In relation to the accent color, I worked with the thumbnail images and how they will be rendered in the booklet. They are an accent to the focal images on the spreads so I took a graphic approach with them so that the two images do not compete photographically. Above are some iterations, and I found the most success when working with a duo-tone combined with a halftone dot effect. However, I am not quite getting the effect I was as it is hard to gauge screen to print how they will turn out due to scale. (above)


A couple iterations of the Sender and Receiver spreads with different photos and crops (above)

Above is the 'Channel' spread and here I have integrated a second annotation the applies directly to the interaction of Ian and Kelsey. I plan to integrate these types of annotations in to the other spreads as well.
'Message' and 'Noise' are above, I also worked with flipping the grid to give a but more appeal to the booklet so that each page turned isn't always like the previous. I am also working on some 'relief' spreads that will break from the annotation and breakdown of each element and focus more on the conversation and interaction with the can phones.

This is obviously a very brief exploration of the 'relief' spreads; I had the idea of the two images, although separate, working together as if they were separate ends of the conversation. This way I can tie in several of the elements and the user can then better visualize the idea of the model in context.

Booklet Progress:


Here is a look at the latest version of my communication model schematic:

TYPE 3: Project 4; Portfolio Progress

I feel that I have finally arrived at a solid concept for my self-promotion kit, I worked with it a lot over break and I think I have a solid foundation to work with and base everything off of. I pushed the idea of being practical, classic, and clean with my resume. I also played with the elements present in my identity with the angles and curves created by the 'U' and 'K' and applied those to my resume and portfolio design to create visual tension.

Above is progress with my statement and the incorporation of my 'identity theme' of '(I AM)'. I really worked at defining who I am not only as a designer but also as an individual.

A look at the different compositions I came up with; I was working towards something with visual appeal and contrast that was also cohesive with my resume. (above)

Resume progress (above)

Finished resume (above)

Above are cover concepts for my portfolio. I arrived upon a simple black and white vector silhouette illustration of myself that comes across as faceless and impersonal, but the idea is for the view to figure out who I AM and as my portfolio progresses, the viewer will gain a better understanding of who I am and what I am all about, in the end they will be able to fill the void.

A view of my statement within the pdf portfolio (above)

The work in progress of my resume within the pdf portfolio

Monday, November 23, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Project 4; Even MORE Kit Progress

I think I have resolved my resume, and decided to take a very practical and clean approach. I introduced an accent color and it also serves to somewhat express my personality. I am moving towards selecting my final images for my portfolio and color correcting the ones I photographed. I also have an idea for my digital/print portfolio and I plan to work out the layout soon, I will also post my initial ideas and mock up soon.

Here is a look at my visual inspiration and progress...




The approach I am taking with my 'campaign' so to say, is that of defining who I am as a person as well as a designer. This is brought fourth with the question or statement 'I am' in which I will incorporate adjectives that describe me. The addition of these adjectives will add a sense of a linear narrative within my portfolio, or, you could say, getting to know me. Mock up and initial plans will be up soon for my portfolio!