Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Check this out...amazing and aw-inspiring

Thought I would blog and share this with everyone real quick, I came across this and thought it was pretty amazing. It is incredible what the human mind can do...

I would reflect on it more, but I am busy putting my own mind to work.

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  1. That is the guy that does everything with photographic memory. He will go top of a building and stare at a certain scene for about 5-10 mins or so if i remember right and then move on to the next scene. When he is done making mental notes and photographs, he goes back to his studio and start drawing them out by memory. Most of his stuff sells for 800- up because of how detail he can get with a mental picture. this guy is for sure amazing. The reason why I know about him is because in neuroscience we watched a film where they talked about him and how his brain functions and everything.