Friday, November 13, 2009

NA: Project 4; Data, Process: purpose, context, audience, research

I have decided to create a data presentation so that it the attention is solely brought upon the activity, and I would like to approach this one in the aspect of typography and the education of the subject. I envision it focusing on the beauty, form, and structure of a letter form and how they may relate to communication and graphic design.

I have thought about putting this piece together several different ways and I am still not sure if I have arrived at a direction I would like to go in. I have thought of a fact based presentation dealing with type "must follow" guidelines, an aspect on history, terminology, form and structure, less known or unknown facts about typography...I feel this is an opportunity to move away from the step-by-step, process driven approach I have taken with my other projects. This will also give me the opportunity to give a strong appeal to typography in the aspect of education, as it can be more engaging than a textbook.

I see the audience as being the younger generation that may be new to the design field or could be considering it as an educational or professional endeavor. It could appeal to a wide range as I see it being aimed toward the simplicity and breakdown of what my final topic might be.

The context of this piece will be a stand-alone, to the point educational/informational experience. I plan to give it added appeal through narration, sound effects, imagery, and music that will potentially apply directly to the motion or actions and could also correspond with call-outs that may contain the facts and/or statistics. I also like the idea of preceding in to a third dimension in this presentation, a dimension that is not necessarily present in traditional typography. I see this as being a piece you would find on the web, in the context of an educational design site that may give resources to students and designers.

I feel this data presentation will be beneficial to my portfolio not only because the medium is an added dimension to myself as a designer but also because of the context. How typography is a vital part of design and a thorough understanding is crucial.

However, I am still searching for perhaps a deeper concept that is not so relevant to what we are I may explore the idea of how type effects society, how they react to certain things, more research is definitely in order, but I do feel my ideas building on each other so I may be well on my way.


the idea of the recession in space (above)

overall appeal and aesthetic (above)

aesthetic and dimensionality (above)

sidewalk chalk....AWESOME (above)

multiple layer, texture, and contrast (above)

play on "structure"? (above)

visualization of critical typographic elements (above)

anatomy of letterforms (above)

child-like approach...spelling words, ruled newsprint paper, hmm... (above)

  dimensionality, environment (above)

aesthetic and character (above)

"Faces of type are like men's faces..."?? (above)

Quotes on Typography
could prove to be a nice addition to support facts and integrate typographically

Trollback Motion Graphic- Visual Acoustics
 line drawing and simultaneity is amazing

nice movement in this piece
 this struck me because of the movement and the expansion of the piece, the idea that it continues outside the view of the audience

Timeline Idea
I like the basic layout of this with geometric shapes, I would like something that had more flow and shows movement down a line

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