Thursday, November 19, 2009

NA: Project 4; Show Opener Concepts & Concept Final Direction

Here is a look at my concepts that were presented during small group brainstorming/critique on Wednesday. The concept I have decided to go with is actually a spin off one of my concepts with a culmination of some of the others, I will explain it in more depth below. There is definitely a certain aesthetic I aimed to go for in all of my concepts that included abstraction and pure form as well as giving it an aged, historic, rustic look through texture and color.

These first two concepts are the main two that I am combining for my final concept. It will consist of tight, abstract crops on the letter forms that make up the title of the show. From there it will pan to reveal the host name and other statements that I decide to include, they could also transition in and out by going in and out of focus, dissolving or fading in. I have also considered these transitions to go from abstract form to abstract form. I am considering the possibility of using dramatic lighting, rustic, vintage textures to further develop the aesthetic feel of "historic" as well as to strengthen the appeal this opener has.  (above)

The 2 concepts above concentrate on the different typographic styles (i.e. Renaissance, Romantic, etc.) and how the are different from each other. These would be basic overlays using color and transparency to differentiate as they would either flip rapidly in a timeline-like progression or transition by fade or transparency. (above)

The 2 above concepts include the idea of type bleeding on to the paper and creating a grundge, ages typeface. The sub-statements would also appear in the same manner or I also considered them being knocked out within the bleeding object. (above)

The top concept is a book with pages turning and the statements reveal from within the text with some sort of reveal that makes them jump out from the other text on the page. I wanted this to be an old aged book to represent the history aspect and considered the book closing with the cover having the title of the show. The bottom concept uses the idea of a "flip book" that flips through the historic typographic styles and could possibly build or reveal information and the title would appear on the top page. (above)

Last but not least...the top idea is using flowing lines or strokes that create abstract forms of the title and as a line flows in, its "tail end" trails behind so basically the line appears in the frame and then exits at a different point. The information and show title would reveal within these lines working with panning and zoom. The bottom concept is the play on the "anatomy" of type and its characteristics, but instead of the call-outs revealing the letter characteristic, it reveals show information.

Here is the basic storyboard for how my show opener is going to lay out. Again, working with abstract forms within the show title, revealing show information along the way using fades, dissolves, and focus as possible transitions. I hope to also explore more ideas for transitions and reveals.

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