Monday, November 30, 2009

TYPE 3: Project 4; Portfolio Progress

I feel that I have finally arrived at a solid concept for my self-promotion kit, I worked with it a lot over break and I think I have a solid foundation to work with and base everything off of. I pushed the idea of being practical, classic, and clean with my resume. I also played with the elements present in my identity with the angles and curves created by the 'U' and 'K' and applied those to my resume and portfolio design to create visual tension.

Above is progress with my statement and the incorporation of my 'identity theme' of '(I AM)'. I really worked at defining who I am not only as a designer but also as an individual.

A look at the different compositions I came up with; I was working towards something with visual appeal and contrast that was also cohesive with my resume. (above)

Resume progress (above)

Finished resume (above)

Above are cover concepts for my portfolio. I arrived upon a simple black and white vector silhouette illustration of myself that comes across as faceless and impersonal, but the idea is for the view to figure out who I AM and as my portfolio progresses, the viewer will gain a better understanding of who I am and what I am all about, in the end they will be able to fill the void.

A view of my statement within the pdf portfolio (above)

The work in progress of my resume within the pdf portfolio

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