Sunday, November 1, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Project 3; Russel Wright Spreads & Dust Jacket Concept

Below are the revised spreads for my Russel Wright book, I worked on tightening up the copy, working with all the titles, adding heads and sub-heads, developing consistency with margins (top, bottom, outside), and I also worked with some plate spreads that utilized multiple smaller images versus larger, bleed images.

With my jacket concept, I worked with high contrast and simplicity; with the images, basic title type, and the white background. I also integrated a unique crop to the images in which they overlap to the flaps on the jacket and are revealed inside.






jacket concept (above)

 bibliography spreads (above)
 contents (above)
 copyright spread (above)
 full title (above)
 half-title (above)

essay spreads (above)

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