Sunday, November 8, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Project 3; Russel Wright Near Final Revises & Progress

Below are my tightened spreads for the Russel Wright book, I have worked on further establishing my flow line as well as developing a consistent, cohesive feel between the essay and plate spreads. I have also pushed the idea of breaking type and image with the gutter, and as you can see, I took a very unique approach to the jacket design; however it is still relevant to Russel Wright's work...there is only one Russel Wright and I think it makes a very bold statement about his career and his work. I also worked with the idea of building the title from the half-title to full-title spread; starting very minimalist with the half, and then going large and impactful with the full-title spread.

I have found that I am most often struggling with the plate spreads and trying to make the images work with each other and the grid, it is difficult to not make them look as if they are just slapped on the page. I feel that I am making progress but they are not where I would like them to be at this point. Everything should start to shape up soon...Enjoy!







essay 1

essay 2

essay 3

plate 1

plate 2

plate 3


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