Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TYPOGRAPHY 3: Project 3; Russel Wright Book Proposal

Well, here are the final spreads for my Russel Wright book. I am very pleased with the way the project has come together, and I am really excited to get the physical book. I chose my concept to reflect the practical and expressive nature of Russel Wright and his work as well as the funcional aspect and leisurely nature. Contrast is another strong element to my concept as it pertains to Wrights work in the sense of the modern approach he took will his forms, colors, and functionality. He was definitely an innovator of his time and it shows through in his work. I chose to show this contrast, not only through his work, but through the contrast of color in the images, body and supporting text, as well as white space. The white space and typeface choices were also executed very carefully; the clean white space around the content provides a clear, practical flow and form to the page spreads. I chose Baskerville and Serifa as my typefaces specifically for their contrast; Serifa is a slab-serif, very geometric and blocky, and it works well with Baskerville due to its organic, thinner, flowing nature.

My plate spreads finally came together and now appear to be apart of the whole, they are working well with the grid and basic layout of the text spreads. I am looking forward to building the rest of the book and sending it off for production. Enjoy!!



half & full titles

copyright & contents

essay spreads

plate (image) spreads



 cover explorations (above)

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