Friday, November 6, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Communication Model Schematic

Below is my communication model that incorporates the 6 basic ideas evident in the models discussed in class; Shannon/Weaver, Berlo, Emmert/Donaghy, and Meredith Davis. Each of these models have these six components in common:

Source/Sender: The person initiating the dialog; starting the communication of an idea.

Message: Idea of concept sent from the Sender to the Receiver

Channel: The medium in which the message is portrayed (presentational, representational, and mechanical).

Noise: Additional information or interference added between the sender and receiver (craftsmanship, cultural & social background, and effectiveness).

Feedback: Dialog back and fourth between sender and receiver; the building of a conversation.

Receiver: Person on the opposite end receiving the message from the sender and decoding or interpreting the message.

I chose to portray my model in a playful manner, expressing the "noise" as chaotic and interfering; a detour, if you will, from the smooth straight "point A to point B" motion of the original line. I also saw that the idea of "feedback" give the model a connected, circular flow so I reflected that in my model as well.

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  1. luke
    connect the dots is a very interesting idea, could be a flash, click 2, line appears, fact appears- click three, line appears between 2 and 3... etc. That could be very fun and definitely is interactive and entertaining.

    or could be a physical, with overlays bringing in the information, something dry-erase style. Bottom page has the numbers, info builds up on itself
    bottom page has the numbers, next page (transparency is connected to it, hi-lighted first to points to connect?