Friday, November 6, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Concept Proposal Online Crit

Here are some screen captures of my project 3, information graphic concept proposal presentation:

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  1. The concept of the "tin can" seemed to be the most interesting, and an interactive piece like this would be a nice crowd pleaser with an exhibition. By interacting with a sculptural model, like the tin can concept, it would create more resonance. The user will remember when they picked up the can and talk to a friend rather than a written statement on a 2-dimensional surface. It's all about the physical experience! Knotting the string to represent noise is a smart idea as well!

    The idea of a "circuit" is nice however the user will better understand a linear representation of communication. The circuit is intertwining within itself and is going all different directions, which would definitly cause confusion and is noise itself. However, the transparency idea would be really fun to incorporate into an exhibit!

    Overall through listening to the audience respond to your presentation, the idea of the tin can concept out-weighed all of the others. Also, creating an exhibit where the user can have one-on-one contact with your concept seems to be the way to go!

    The idea of photographing the interaction between the user and the 3D tin can sculpture would be nice then could be put into book form. You could also create a pamphlet to go with the exhibit!