Monday, November 23, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Even MORE Progress, Week 3

I think I have reached a solid direction with my booklet that I am satisfied with. I took feedback from small group crits during class Friday as well as feedback from Jamie. I decided to an accent color to my design that compliments the black and white scheme and it also gives it contrast. I first approached a color similar in value, looking at blues and other cool colors. Then realizing the black and white scheme of the photographs was rather cool, I decided to take a warm approach and arrived at a tertiary orange which is used for the folios, and titles. I also decided that my large, feature photographs should be black and white for continuity and due to the fact that some of the interactive photos, in color, were a bit distracting from my scheme. With that, I also worked with a duo-tone using the orange I introduced in to my spread layout.

I also worked with exploiting the gutter of the spreads and not letting it limit my imagery, so I ran right through it. I feel it gives a very asymmetrical feel when bleeding the image to the following page, it also is very appealing because of its scale on the spread. After printing my work and realizing that this is a very up close and personal piece, I may look at reducing the point size of the type overall.

As far as my schematic, I decided to axe the circled numbers with the 'key' element and instead introduced the element words directly on to the model as well as adding the numbers as a sequential element to give a somewhat step-by-step feel. These numbers also correspond with the annotations within the booklet.

Here is a look at my progress...


A few of the many color explorations (above)

Schematic pushes (above)

Final selected images for 'Context' (above)

Final image for 'Feedback'

Final selected images for 'Noise' and 'Channel'--the last one (above)

Booklet Progress...


Resolved layout direction...I think, but there is always room for changes.


I also chose to use black and white photography because of the timeless and classic feel it gives to the photograph. For instance, the 'Message' spread has a photo of Ian and Kelsey, and in color the elements behind Ian proved to be very distraction. But in black and white they have an aesthetic feel to them that improves the photograph in my opinion.

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