Monday, November 9, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Information Graphic, Initial Design Work

Based on feedback during presentation as well as peer critiques of my concepts, I have decided to go with my "Tin Can" concept as it has the most potential to be both a hands on, tangible project as well as recorded, educational dialog.

I have decided to do both and installation as well as a supplemental book or pamphlet that will educate the view on the communication model and how it is learned by others using the tin cans. With this, I am exploring two being to photograph people using the cans with several telling expressions of how the communication is going and then annotating those in the book or pamphlet. The second also consists of photographic recording but I am considering giving "scenarios" to the users who play the communication out, which I then photograph as well as give a short questionnaire to the participants that deals with the relation to the communication model and how this idea may be educational and appealing to a wide audience. Depending on which is more successful will determine which avenue I take, but I feel they will both be very effective in portraying my idea.

 State of the Art communication devices

PROCESS: (can labels)



My thinking behind the labels are to further simplify the communication model for the user; not only using color to distinguish the sender and receiver, but also the directional arrows; the sender has arrows leading out of the can and towards the line, the receiver has arrows leading in to the can and towards the user. I also used the subtle color shifts to symbolize the motion that occurs during communication.

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