Monday, November 16, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Week 2, Day 1 Progress

Based on feedback from Friday, I decided to explore the photographs I originally had for blog purposes, as an element in my final design. The photographs work with the black and white, simple look that is evident with the cans themselves. So,  163 photos later I felt I explored the concept fairly well working with different perspectives as well as depth of field and playing with what or which can is in focus and which is out.

I have also done some re-working with my schematic of my communication model, I am trying to establish cohesiveness between it and my information graphic. With that, I am developing an aesthetic that incorporates hand rendering with digital graphics.

I had originally planned to do a re-shoot of my case studies in action but the weather this weekend prohibited me of doing so. But I was thinking of possibly shooting them in the studio with the white, blank walls as the background, although I do really like the white brick texture I achieved when shooting behind the Design building.

I am still working on how my booklet is going to play out, as much of it will depend on the feedback from these photographs as well as the photos I am re-taking this week, hopefully. I do have a size that I am really interested in working booklet will be saddle-stitched, 12 by 8 inch signatures creating 6 by 8 inch pages. I received a informational booklet in the mail on Friday and I really enjoyed the experience I had with it, it was big enough but not too big...just right. It has a very personal, comfortable feel to it and still has enough surface area to use large images as text together.

In addition, I am considering the idea of this booklet and overall design for this information graphic appealing to the theme I established with my 'non-descriptive' can labels. The strong contrast of black and white as well as the positive versus negative, I feel, will play out very well in communicating my information.

I would also like to explore interactive ways in which to implement my schematic far I have run across the idea of it being a fold out feature in the back of the booklet that will essentially be a part of the back inside cover. I have also considered hand rendering the numbers for annotations in the same method as the can labels.

Can Photos:


first a little crazy! (above)

integration of channel (above)

noise... (above)

last push (so far) of schematic; digital type with rendered likes and brackets (above)


Cover concept; I was aiming for simplicity here with the image being the dominant element with a smooth container and heavier white space at the bottom to anchor the image (above)

Hand rendered numbers for annotation...

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