Monday, November 16, 2009

VISUAL LANGUAGE: Project 3; Week 2, Day 1 Group CRIT

In conclusion of today's group critique I have received a LOT of direction and finally feel like I have a clear motive and direction to take to achieve the success of my communication model information graphic.

As originally planned I am producing an informational booklet that will display and annotate the elements of my communication model schematic. The basic layout will consist of several layers; photographs, annotations/text, and frames/connectors. I will have a photographic representation of each element depicting either the cans themselves in unique perspective and focus or individuals interacting with the cans. The annotations will call out the 'action' or element that is currently in focus, pardon the pun... Text overlays will take the shape of box overlays or knocked out within the text itself as I plan to work with large to full bleed images for impact and strong visualization of the communication process. To reinforce the annotations I am going to work with showing a zoomed crop of the schematic that shows 'you are here' within the model as well as a smaller view of the entire schematic.

I also want to explore the idea of 'negative' and 'positive' with the black and white scheme...working with one page 'negative', black with reversed text, and the corresponding page 'positive', with black text on white. Running heads will indicate which part of the model you are currently learning about, and there will be 3 main spreads with supplemental elements in between; sender, message, receiver.

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