Friday, December 4, 2009

NA: Project 4; Show Opener, Final Statement

In my pieces hierarchy plays an important role between the channels, ultimately the channels of image and sound are supportive of the text. The images, though large in scale, helped to frame out the text and add appeal that would bring the viewer in closer to the piece. Music worked much in the same way, with key notes standing out as they landed on certain actions performed by the text. There is also hierarchy within the text itself, the use of scale, mainly for appeal, but it also stresses the core values of my activity/show. The title text is highly dominant as it is displayed cleanly with no other elements except for the host, I felt this clear, high contrast moment gave a nice transition into the show itself.

From the start I was going for something with a historic yet modern and intriguing appeal. I chose the textured element in the background to give reference to the historic aspect as well as the simple, but strong use of the rich black type. The typefaces were also chosen to fit the personality of the show, and the title itself consists of 13 different historical typefaces in chronological order. It not only further strengthens the idea of this show but it also adds greater appeal and gives it that somewhat modern appeal. The goal in the beginning was to use large, abstract crops of the title to create nice tension between the positive and negative space. From these crops, the descriptive information appears with various fades and a sense of in and out of focus. The transitions also added dimension to the piece with overlapping and movement; they also give the sense of recollection or passage through time as one fades in to the other. These elements added to the overall story because of their relevance to the show and how they are displayed.

This time around I definitely felt more comfortable in flash, although it is still hard to keep track of everything frame-wise and having to make adjustments in that way. Having the project options so open, I found, did not hinder me too much, if anything it gave me the freedom to explore various ideas and how they can be portrayed. Things went very smoothly for the most part, and it was very interesting to be to be able to take something as typically boring as history and turn it in to something much more appealing, if anything that was my biggest challenge. I picked up new things here and there in flash and I also am beginning to pick up on how Illustrator and other programs can be integrated in with flash and how much more your options open up. Having the 30 second time limit really helped in this project, I was very conscious of the time and planned things out accordingly and only have to make a few minor adjustments.

Screen shots of my Opener



  1. The overall tone was very tranquil and had that appropriate sense of typography's tedious and ornate nature. The music was very ominous and suited the speed and attitude of the video. Being a show on type, I think the enlarged letterforms worked well to show detail. The easing (speed) of the type is a nice pace and I had enough time to take everything in.

    I think the ornate illustrations and notes on the tattered paper in the back-ground works well and all of the imagery is consistent with the tone of the film.

    As stated above, I like the enlarged letter forms, but I would have maybe liked to see a few more that show a little more information or slowly progress towards the title; how much information we get without being obvious or abstract. So, not so much editing anything in your existing video, just adding more... although I know the 30 seconds is difficult to work with. I think everything was timed well.

    The Gutenberg was funny, but a bit gimmicky to the serious tone of the piece, I still think you should've used a modern typographer, or maybe Stephen Fry, who hosted the Gutenberg documentary.

    The orchestration overall was executed well, and it was enjoyable.

  2. Luke,

    You showed a nice range of hierarchy throughout your show opener. The range from ambiguous large typographical crops to the smaller type that fades in and out is great contrast. The music was a good choice I think. It's something subtle, slightly relaxing, but also slightly referential of time like jeopardy. ha. I think your rendering style works well, and is definitely reflective of your type animation. Also, the reoccurring textured background will be nice cohesiveness later in portfolio. The typography for the title is nice. It's expressive and depicts many different types that the show could be speaking about. It's a good piece. Job well done!