Thursday, December 3, 2009

TYPE 3: Project 4; Portfolio Kit

Well I can not believe the semester is nearly over, it seems like we just started! I have felt in just this short time that I have grown quite a bit and have produced some great portfolio pieces.

With my portfolio kit I have to say it is definitely still a work in progress, I have had my identity established for about a year and have been tweaking it constantly and it always seems to change after 1000 business cards have been ordered...but the basic concept, I feel, is expressive of my personality; its very approachable and playful as well as practical and clean. As far as the rest of my kit for this class I can not say I am thouroughly satisfied, I struggled with where to draw the line as far as the digital PDF in concern to featuring the design while presenting it without overpowering the pieces.

I am pleased with my resume, is very clean and I really like the contrast I produced with weight, scale, and typefaces. I am going to continue pushing the tie in to my identity with the play off of the 'UK' ligature form. As far as the rest I felt I did not push the envelope as much as I would have liked to in the sense of capturing my individuality, but I do like the practicality of it. As we said in class, self-promotion is one of the hardest things to do and I can definitely speak to that, I am still searching for the right fit as far as a cohesive kit that really expresses what I am all about. Let the search continue...

Here is a look at some captures of my pdf portfolio:


Below are the other pieces to the kit:

envelope design

'leave behind' double-sided

Also below is my progress and visual inspiration for this project



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