Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MX | Portfolio Site; Refinement + Levels of Interaction

Based on feedback from class on Monday I have made refinements to my chosen direction which ended up being somewhat of a hybrid between the first and third directions. Here I have fleshed out three levels of interaction that would take place on my site, taking into consideration the format I want to work in within the Cargo Collective CMS.


"branding" rollover

reveals "branding" projects

 revealing the selected project; showing images and text descriptions

demonstrating transition in slide show capable within Cargo

 "find me" rollover
 "find me" revealed in the body of the site, letting the portfolio images form around it

Also, below is the revised sitemap that entails all steps of interaction within my site...

Monday, November 29, 2010

MX | Portfolio Site; And So It Begins...

Well, based upon the initial wireframes and feedback in class last week, I have created 3 visual look & feel directions for my site. As of right now, I have only joined Cargo Collective (where I plan to host my portfolio) and I do not know just yet how things can be customized; however, it seems fairly flexible but will find out only by paying for a yearly membership. So, being a bit speculative while paying attention to some examples give by Cargo I have developed my 3 initial directions. I have also included a sitemap that features the navigational / interactive aspect of the site. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

MX | Portfolio Site Domain + System + Work List + Nav Wireframes


– Wordpress

– Domain purchased from GoDaddy or

– History of Type [show opener]
– A Guide to Communication Theory [book]
– Atlantic Cruise Lines [poster]
– Ken Peplowski - Folly Jazz Series [poster]
– Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons [book]
– A Comparison; Vignelli + McCoy [website]
– Fixin' a Flat [bike manual]
– Russel Wright; Good Design [book]
– Typelab Conference [motion, book, poster]
– Hcky Crd Collection [website]
– LIVESTRONG ARMY of Kansas City Tour de BBQ [poster, identity, website, jersey]
– Acme Sunblock [packaging design]
– The Blind Tiger [web 2.0 community]
– Momentum Urban Bike Share [identity design system]
– Recreate: Play in Rosedale [community-based design]
– Experimental Typography [print, poster]

MEDIA print, interactive, motion, web
MEDIA II poster, book, interactive print, web interactive, packaging, motion, photography
PRINCIPLES design theory, user experience, typography, information architecture, image making
PURPOSE advocacy, activism, identity system, non-profit, event, sports, community design

Since I have pretty much decided to develop a site within Cargo, my wireframes reflect the grid-like organizational structure they are based upon. Since I do not know at this time how expansive this system is, I tried to stay within the boundaries of options I discovered but also speculated a bit as to what I can do within the CMS. So, most of them deal with when and where content is revealed and how it is navigated to, in some of the wireframes I have also attempted to work in some interactive aspects as well.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Design Ignites Change

Below is the link to my Design Ignites Change case study:

Recreate: Play in Rosedale

Thursday, November 11, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Final Prototype Design Progress

Things are finally beginning to take for with my design solution, there was a bit of a delay due to brainstorming content and structure as they relate to the Rosedale community. However, based upon our last group crit and generation of that content, I have arrived at the near final prototype design that will be submitted to Design Ignites Change. After doing a print proof the scale and final colors need to be revised and I still need to mock-up the construction of the piece to see that everything aligns and functions properly. I hope to have all of these item addressed by the weekend so that there is time to photograph and prep the application for submission to Design Ignites Change.

I have also reached out to Dimensional Innovations in regards to the installation piece and am awaiting a reply...soon I hope. I have also gotten in touch with Jane, Heidi, and Joshua to arrange a photoshoot to capture the prototype in action and I also plan on contacting printers as soon as I have the artifact constructed to show. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DSN SYS | Phase 03: Momentum touchpoints

We have concluded the design and production of numerous touchpoints for Momentum Urban Bike Share's visual identity ranging from the traditional business suite, to wearable items and iPhone applications. So, here is a look at what I have created in hopes of furthering the brand's vision to the hands of the consumer expressing the organization's attributes of fun, reliable, and economic. Embedded below is the final keynote presentation as well as some highlighting images, Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VIS ADVOCACY | Rnd02 Prototypes Meetings

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet with Gil and have a critical brainstorming session pertaining to the most recent prototype for the most recent definition of my project. Overall, Gil was drawn to the idea but ultimately concerned about the safety issue and whether it can be resolved through this system. Another approach could be that the focus is simply getting kids and their families out and active in their community and providing a provoking means to do so. Gil was also kind enough to generate a list of open areas within the community, public and private, that might facilitate this idea of playable areas in Rosedale, the largest obstacle at this point is determining whether on not these properties would be willing to participate.

He also gave a lot of insight towards the construction and stipulations of the new CVS Store being built at Rainbow and 43rd in the Spring. With the agreement to build the CVS, they were required to meet certain standards with RDA, one being a "pocket park" that will be a public space maintained by CVS. Gil mentioned the idea of my system being implemented in such an area, and he was really attracted to the new formation of the creative play generator and there was talk of it being a physical installation at such a place. With this idea, each generator would be customized to the space it lives in; consideration would have to be made towards equipment and its access, as well as, vandalism and destruction.

Overall, it was a very positive meeting and sparked some great new ideas and accomplished the goal I had in mind with the meeting; gaining a better understand of the safe or lack of safe open areas in the Rosedale community and how they might embrace this system. In an effort to do so directly in the community, I also posted these signs in hopes of getting some feedback on the matter.

Earlier this week I also had the opportunity of meeting with Jane, Heidi, and Joshua which generated some great information and ideas about my direction. They were also very intrigued by the creative play generator platform and saw it being something that plays a very crucial role in the community whether it be in the household, or out in the community. It was also mentioned to take into consideration the areas attributes as well as considering multiple players and their roles and the conflicts that may arise. Joshua also mentioned creating an "objective" so that there is some limited direction to the play; ideas of taking from game standards to create new ones turned into a great idea (play with a jump rope and ball with the rules of soccer).

The largest attraction to the project was the idea of the platform being an installation with a physical, playable space. A relationships with the churches could be made so that they check-out "kits" for these spaces that would provide the equipment and such. From this idea, Jane mentioned the church owning a lot down the street which proved to be ideal for this system, as well as Whitmore Park which is privately owned by another church that would most likely be willing to participate. The installation would unify the space and branding would effectively connote the space and its boundaries.

So, after these meetings there is a lot to consider, most importantly, whether this system's interaction exists at an individual or collaborative level with a found or provided space. Consideration could also be paid to indoor vs. outdoor and the seasons, as well as, building more ownership in the idea with a name generation system. Whether an installation is feasible at this point is another consideration; however, reaching the community at individual levels and branding of locations is a viable option that could likely have the same effect.

Monday, November 1, 2010

MX | Community Design: The Blind Tiger Final Screens - Online Hub

With the exception of working out fluid animations, these are the final screens for our community's online hub. After reviewing our storyboard and script today I have worked out all the additional screens; some are more subtle than others and represent simple animations, and other larger transitions will be worked out once we get into our keynote animation.