Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Creations Over Christmas Break

In the midst of breathing, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends, I did find some time to do a little design work. So here is a look at what I have been up is ironic how after spending so many sleepless nights during the semester how much I enjoyed getting back to some design work.

Some identity refining work:

A poster design collage that I put together for some Christmas gifts; custom photography and typography.


A 'Free Painting Service' coupon as part of another Christmas gift, simple black and white elements with typographic contrast and 'fine print.'

My last big project is my portfolio for the summer Hallmark Creative internships. I have done a considerable amount of mind-mapping and brainstorming and arrived at the concept of driving my portfolio kit through personal definition. I added to this with custom hand rendered text as well as my 'creative statement defining who I am as a designer.

I have also done some photography re-shoots of my portfolio pieces as well and I am now in the process of developing a consistent and fresh was of showcasing my work. 


I also plan on refreshing my website to reflect a similar motif, using my statement as the navigation versus the traditional menu driven interaction.


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