Sunday, January 31, 2010

P1: The Practical Experience; week 1 progress...


The first project for User Experience is under way...Johna, Mo, and I are in the process of developing a set of practical, easy to follow instructions with a little added humor to guide a novice how to remove and install a bicycle tire inner tube. 
This is a look at our first-round revision process and how we are considering to develop our ideas. We are most likely looking at presenting out information in a poster format that folds down to the required size (5x8). After discussion we decided that a poster deemed to be most logical as a poster not only because of our novice audience but it also seemed most practical as you are going to be viewing and following the steps as you are working with the bicycle. So turning pages in a booklet style format would prove to be a hindrance and necessary. Plus I am pretty sure our viewer will already be pretty P-O'ed that they have a flat tire on their brand new bike. Enjoy!

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