Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Info Arch F+S Information Graphics

Here is a look at my Find + Shares; exploring  how timelines, bar graphs, and pie charts represent themselves as information graphics from a designer and viewer standpoint. I also explored representational information graphics that are objective, yet theme driven,

Flowserve timeline
This timeline shows the historic impact Flowserve has had on the pump industry at a global level

 Global Information + Communication Technology Expenditures
This information graphic holds true to a traditional bar graph, but has added dimension with the map as it plays with the x and y axis as well as the z axis.

The information graphic above incorporates several different aspects; it is a timeline, but also representational based on its imagery and it also represents a bar graph in respects to the positioning and size of the ships and boats used.

 The pie chart above is fairly straight forward and easy to interpret, there is also the added dynamic of placing information within the segments of the chart. With the color and added information it creates a very nice flowing appeal.

I stumbled across this infographic and after further exploration I discovered it is a resume for this 'Michael Anderson' who is obviously in the information graphic field. It is quite unique and it employes the use of a timeline, pie chart, and a combination of a bar and line graph.
This representational infographic I thought was not only relevant to the present day but also very pleasing image wise; with use of scale and layering to create a subtle sense of depth. It is also interesting how they chose to use parachutes as they refer to the old fashioned dropping of supplies, but they also work nicely with the scaling and comparison aspect which is the goal of this piece.


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