Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Info Arch P1: McCoy | Vignelli Concept Development

Based upon the feedback I received from critique of my 3 concepts last week, I have decided to pursue concept number one; working with the timeline. I am still in the process of working out some of the interaction, but I have resolved some issues that were mentioned during crit. These solutions most likely will not be final but they are a push in the right direction. Since this concept is mainly driven by the work of Vignelli and McCoy the essays will be broken up depending on what pertains to what piece. So, this round I have made access to the full essays for the viewers pleasure.

I have also revised the click states for the timeline blocks as well as ways to display the date pertaining to the event. I refined the design overall by establishing a 4 column grid to develop better hierarchy as well as to allow the text and timeline to live in their separate spaces. Within the bodies of text I reworked the hierarchy of the heads, subheads, and body as well as the placement of those elements. In an effort to streamline the users experience I decided to integrate the background information on the subjects of Modernism and Postmodernism into the timeline itself versus separate links. I also did the same with the biographical information for Vignelli and McCoy. Working with pull quotes and how they can break the containment of the regulated column width adds dimension to my design, they are also distinguished hierarchically by scale and color. And although it may not be the final solution, I have pushed the integration of the commonalities within the timeline for Vignelli and McCoy, they play directly off the "+" [and] in the main title. However, it does not work as well with the on-click dates but it can definitely be pushed to be more successful. Enjoy!


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