Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Info Arch P1: McCoy | Vignelli Photoshop Comps

Based upon the four wireframe concepts I came up with I chose three to continue developing. From the wireframes I move to creating Photoshop comps using the basic skeleton provided by the initial wireframes. For the most part they are fairly consistent to the original wireframes; however, I am begining to question function and practicality as I create these and that is something I need to spend more time developing. The look and feel is still fairly rough as is the navigation, but both areas should play out nicely as I gather more information and push these concepts. My main concern at this point is navigation and I plan to also work that out, and I am sure it will come through as we progress with the design and building process. Here is a look at what I have so far, enjoy!

Comp 1:

Comp 2:

Comp 3:

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