Thursday, February 25, 2010

Info Arch P1: McCoy vs. Vignelli | More Development

Based upon small group peer critiques and feedback from my desk crit, there were several things I needed to resolve in my design. The development was still very much at the beginning stages and lacking content and clarity. So that was my number one goal this go round; working with content and giving the user something to work with right from the start. I also found a more interesting way to integrate the full viewing of the essays that will be visible from all screen navigation versus only the index page as before. I pushed the timeline idea, working with 18 spaces, and in those spaces, including significant work from both Vignelli and McCoy. A lot of consideration went in to what pieces to include and there may still be some shifting in the final selection. I also created another outline of both the essays to grasp yet a better understanding of the two designers, and it was definitely helpful in defining my development; as was looking at other design work.

So, in this stage of development I have worked towards defining the 3 different columns of information. The title and timelines columns will be fixed above the fold while the body content will scroll, it will also include the new addition of drawers that will reveal the full essays. In regard to the timeline itself, I considered the best way to give the user content without giving too much would be to display a tight crop of the piece for that particular date. I felt the images would be more successful than trying to implement some sort of text, or numbering. A couple elements that still need to be resolved a bit more are the roll-over states as well as the on-click states. For this round I made the on-click states the fill color associated with either Vignelli or McCoy; however, I do not feel that it distinguishes enough, possible removing the timeline image block altogether once it is clicked on and the content is being viewed?? Hmmm....

forgot the click-state here...oops!! (above)

apparently here too...I need to get on that. (above)

click-state! (above)

the click-state for this page is where I discovered that its not as distinguished as I would like it to be (above)

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