Sunday, February 28, 2010

LIVESTRONG Army of KC | Tour de BBQ


Recently, I sought out an incredible opportunity to volunteer with the LIVESTRONG Army of Kansas City. Fortunately, based on my blog and a few pieces featured on my facebook, they were willing to bring me on to their communication committee as a designer. I will be designing the official poster for the Tour de BBQ taking place on October 2nd. This is a huge event that attracts cyclists from all over the world, I will have the potential to implement my design in to several other poster and promotional designs. The organization recently brought on Muller, Bressler, + Brown to re-vamp their website and I will be working hand in hand with their creatives to develop a cohesive campaign that will flow seamlessly from print to web. To have the opportunity to be apart of this organization and to be able to implement my design skills to something I am very passionate about is incredible and I am very excited to get started. This really goes to show what Kansas City has to offer, and it is still difficult to put in to words just how ecstatic I am about this not only because of the exposure but the meaning behind it all. I plan on documenting all my progress and process for the project on my blog as well as update with the organization and events. If anyone is interested in the organization or volunteering for events, feel free to contact me and I can direct you to the right person. Any feedback and comments would be more than welcome, thanks for checking out my post!


  1. wow, luke. super cool. congrats on scoring this opportunity. i'm happy to provide any feedback or support i can to help you be successful in your role on this project. way to go!

  2. Awesome Luke...Can't wait to see your stuff..and congrats