Tuesday, February 16, 2010

P1: The Practical Experience; Fixin' A Flat, Nearly Complete

Our group is nearing the completion of our directional poster instructing a novice on how to change a bike tire inner tube. We have manipulated and changed our format several times and I feel we are nearing a viable solution. This week we have been working with a couple different iterations working with what is most practical in layout and informational flow. Here is a look at what we have done thus far, we are planning on revising and printing out final product this afternoon. Within the printing process we are considering the use of newsprint as our printing medium, we feel it caters to the practical yet humorous and 'at ease' nature of our design. It also displays the mechanical and somewhat industrial nature of the project.

version 1 (above)

version 2 (above)

version 3 (above)

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