Tuesday, February 16, 2010

P1: The Practical Experience; Fixin' A Flat | FINALE

After weeks of collaboration and user testing our first project has come to a close, and I think my group and I are very satisfied with our finished product. Like with any group, we had our differences but we worked through them and more often than not we found ourselves agreeing with each others design decisions. Being the first group project this year, I would have to say it was a success, Johnna, Mo, and I worked great together.

Reflecting on the project itself, it was definitely a learning experience. So many new things came to light, especially the emphasis on creating this for a 'novice'. It was not until user testing did we realize how even simple things can be lost and need more emphasis and how even the wording of one step can effect the entire process. Once we worked out the kinks and went back and fourth on format we developed a great piece of work that we feel meets the objective of the project. The biggest goal, for us, was to make a clear, concise, and practical product but simultaneously create an experience for the user. In our case we used humor, simplistic wording, and playful illustrations (versus rigid line work); the color also played a part in supporting the personality of the piece, being exciting, fun, and easy versus being a hassle and a royal pain in the butt!

Well, here is a look at our finished product...

it's upside down! But wait...
rear tire, side 2 (above)
and the front tire, side 1 (above)

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