Tuesday, February 2, 2010

P1: The Practical Experience; Workin' on fixing the flat...

During the start of week 2 of this project we have really looked at format and condensing content so that we can produce a delightful experience for our novice bike tire changer. We have done a second round of revisions to the directions and will being to user test them on Wednesday. In this, we decided to take a different approach, first we had the front and rear tire directions completely separate; we concluded that it would be more logical to combine them and be sure to heavily highlight the few differences.

I am still in the process of tackling the final format and how it will reveal to the user and make an easy experience. So, here is a look at our thinking in that direction, we are still going with the poster; however, we need to work out the kinks in the interaction as it is being unfolded from the 5x8 finished size.


Our group has also finshed the first round of photos; we are planning to develop some sort of illustrative rendering method to support our text. These illustrations will be based off these photos as well as other we will most likely take a long the way. User testing will prove to be crucial in this respect as well can see what we are missing and what we need to emphasize. 


More progress to come!

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