Sunday, February 21, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Project Brief

 Wear sunscreen, you don't want to look like this guy...

ACME LIFE | New Product Launch Project Brief

ACME is considering the launch of a new product within the health and beauty line, sunblock. This product has potential to work independently as well as in an carefully considered kit environment. The product container and its contents will be environmentally friendly and all-natural, benefiting the earth as well as consideration to the consumer. The goals is to create a hassle-free experience/environment for the consumer.

This product will hold true to the unparalleled quality and effectiveness in addition to an elaborate and engaging branding strategy. Intensive market research will be conducted to determine distinguish-ability in branding and contents.

Consumer Research-- Based upon personal experience and observation, for most, the idea of sunblock proves to be an uncomfortable burden upon whatever fun, exciting event may be waiting. There is also consideration as to whether a spray/mist or lotion/cream based sunblock is more efficient and effective. The spray/mist sunblock proves to be more quick and convenient and not to mention virtually hands free. Consideration is also taken by consumers as to what the sunblock is to be used for; swimming, sports, camping, etc. Ultimately the consumer will be the one driving this product, therefore, relatability is key.

Market Research-- Within the market itself there is very little change brand to brand as far as packaging and color palettes; this is definitely an area we can exploit to make our products jump off the shelf and into the basket. The current manufacturers utilize a cool blue and warm orange color palette with very similar containers mostly catered to function versus experience. However, most do take in to consideration the activity to the extent of sports and water, long-lasting and even some with bug repellent. There is also some color reference in regard to SPF as well as specialized sunblock for face, babies, sensitive skin, etc. An area that is beginning to develop is the consideration to comfort, producing sunblock that is oil free and also  containing natural ingredients.

The target user in most scenarios will be adults, mainly parents, but there are exceptions; so the target user for this product is not gender specific and holds a wide age spectrum. However, this can be broken up as each specialized product with appeal to different action seekers. Not including the involuntary users, this product would appeal to male and females age 22-65 years of age.

In addition to being earth-friendly and all-natural this product will bring a new experience to the monotonous hassle of applying sunblock before laying on the beach or shredding the slopes. The branding aspect of the product will utilize packaging and color palettes not yet exploited by most of the competitors.

1. This approach will cater the sunblock to certain activities whether it be camping, swimming, or sports and may also be included in specialized kits possibly formatted in conjunction with lip balm, after sun lotion, and after burn lotion. The motif will appeal to the target audience within each activity and become heavily theme driven.

2. Another option focuses on adjectives pertaining to the idea of the oh so terrible sunburn, as well as elaborate color motifs distinguishing SPF, long-lasting, waterproof, etc. This approach will focus on simplicity and clarity of the message with the possibility of humorous relations; also to be considered in a kit-like format creating an environment for the user.


- Sunblock (spray/mist)*
- Sunblock (lotion)*
- Lip balm
- After sun lotion
- After burn lotion
- Biodegradable hand wipes?

*Each has the potential to a wide array of SPF and specialization

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