Monday, February 8, 2010

T4 Experimentation + Exploration; Initial Assessment

Here is a take on my first attempt of experimentation within my area of interest; working with letterforms and how they can be abstracted yet legible and recognizable. In this part of the experimentation I focused on one of the ten questions I generated last class. In ciphering through all the areas these questions proposed, one that I felt developed intrigue and interest was: 'what if forms are defined through surrounding negative space?' Within this question I also explored the different forms that could be taken with serif, sans serif, and slab serif typefaces, I also took into consideration some technical aspects such as interaction with the baseline, x-height, and mean line, also vertical lines that are produced by the forms. At the other end of the spectrum I also took into consideration the interaction of more organic forms as well as different stroke weights, and outlining techniques.

Some pieces, created by Neville Brody, that inspired me and drove me to some of my development thus far.
Here, I am very intrigued by the reversal of positive and negative; the geometric work that defines the abstracted letterforms. (above)

 This piece works with negative space in a more compositional way with the integration and interaction of the forms. (above)

Some of the rough work I have created thus far; working with print-outs, tracing paper, and sharpie. At this stage I did not want to limit myself with the use of the computer.


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